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Season two. August already. SHIT!!!!

Well the months has ticked over quickly and I’m now begin to write season two. The first draft of episode one and Two have been written and i’m now ambling through episode three. Unfortunately i lost the studio as my buddy robby couldn’t keep up with the costs of the rent. He was very generous to let me record for free as I have no budget to pay any rob. I will be feeding him cold beer for a number of years.

I set up a patreon account and i have one generous supporter but i was hoping from more to pay the actors and my buddy rob but at $1 which come to .88 cents after patron take their bit it’s not what i’d call a cash cow. OH WELL. moving on.

I believe this exercise is a great way to improve my wiring and also get stuff out there. So that’s it for now.

The idea i had with this podcast episode one The Mischief Maker.

I wanted to make a twilight zone esc podcast based in Australia using our history and character but i didn’t want to go for the standard Ned KELLY story as that has been done to death.

So i started looking and found a few great character from our history and decided to slot them into a fanatical adventure.

the character in episode one was based on one of australis first female pilots. Nancy Bird Walton, now she never met a gremlin in the sky or anting like that but thats the show I’m gong for. Bit of scifi bit of history. It’s a good research tool for me to discover these great Aussie characters and maybe peak the interest of some other folks whom may want to look into it further. Who knows?

Below is some links to nancy bird you may want to have a look. What a bloody legend just started reading her book “My God! It’s a Woman”

So marketing and self promotion.

So ive spent the most of the public holiday and yesterday evening going through a wiki page called “List of United States cities by population”

I’ve been tweeting Hey #Newyork etc etc so its been a drag but i’m hoping to pick up some followers who will listen to the show. i only made it to 80 odd…so it will take weeks. I love the tweet deck feature where i can set up tweets for each area. So im going to try and meet people around about commenting times so 7:30-08:30 so when folks are on their mobiles. See how i go.

24 hours out there

been getting some nice folks pumping the show which is ACE!

1st Review!