The idea i had with this podcast episode one The Mischief Maker.

I wanted to make a twilight zone esc podcast based in Australia using our history and character but i didn’t want to go for the standard Ned KELLY story as that has been done to death.

So i started looking and found a few great character from our history and decided to slot them into a fanatical adventure.

the character in episode one was based on one of australis first female pilots. Nancy Bird Walton, now she never met a gremlin in the sky or anting like that but thats the show I’m gong for. Bit of scifi bit of history. It’s a good research tool for me to discover these great Aussie characters and maybe peak the interest of some other folks whom may want to look into it further. Who knows?

Below is some links to nancy bird you may want to have a look. What a bloody legend just started reading her book “My God! It’s a Woman”

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